Memory: can Google do better than a to-do list?

Memory: can Google do better than a to-do list?

Since its birth in 2016, Google Assistant has not stopped enriching itself with new features. With Memory, Google wants to bring order to your digital life this time.

Since its inception, Google’s mission has been “to organize the world’s information to make it accessible and useful.” After doing it for the web, Google wants to do it for your life.

The site 9to5Google has indeed just spotted a new feature in test within Google Assistant called “Memory”. Halfway between the to-do list, a note-taking application and a Pocket-like content backup service, Memory aims to put order in your digital life.

A platform to save everything

In concrete terms, Memory is a kind of digital whiteboard on which you can pin complete press articles with the source URL, photos, handwritten notes, drafts of ideas, reminders and a lot of other content such as information about an upcoming trip or a movie that is about to be released.

In short, everything displayed on your smartphone screen can be saved in Memory using a voice command or a shortcut to be placed on the home screen of your mobile. Each item will take the form of a small card arranged antechronologically and can be “tagged” to put it in an appropriate category.

Putting Google Assistant at the heart of your digital life

But where Google wants to add value is on the context surrounding each content. Memory will be able to automatically enrich your notes by integrating, for example, a YouTube trailer if you save the page of a movie you want to see or by highlighting the cooking time of a recipe you have saved. And of course, it will be possible to search through all the saved content.

Memory is therefore a way of placing Google Assistant even more at the heart of your digital life by offering a sort of hybrid to-do list available on your smartphones, tablets and connected screens. The feature is currently being tested internally at Google and no deployment date has yet been announced.

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